17. Apr. 2023
Abolitionismus / Demokratie / Demonstrationsbeobachtung / Klimakrise & Klimaschutz / Menschenrechte / Neoliberalismus/Kapitalismus / Polizeigewalt / Repression / Soziale Menschenrechte / Überwachung / Versammlungsrecht

Video: Fires, Floods, & Terrorism Charges: The escalation of state repression during the climate crisis

Am 4. April 2023 nahm Michèle Winkler an einem transnationalen Webinar über die global steigende Repression gegen Aktivist*innen der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegungen teil. Das Video ist hier auf Englisch nachzuschauen.

Hier die Ankündigung der Veranstaltung:

As global temperatures rise and make record-breaking floods and fires daily headlines, national governments repeatedly protect the corporations that fuel the climate crisis and incarcerate those who challenge them. Around the world the communities that attempt to protect and preserve their environment are increasingly met with terrorism charges, assassination, and egregious human rights abuses. In this international webinar we will explore the questions:

  • Does protecting clean water or taking climate action make you a terrorist?
  • What are the implications of governments labeling their population terrorists for political action?

Our panelists include organizers from the youth climate movement in the Philippines, the Palestinian liberation movement, the climate justice struggle in Germany, the Indigenous land defense movement in Honduras, the Campaign to Free Jessica Reznicek, and StopCopCity in Atlanta GA. The panelists will discuss their experiences with criminalization and how the growing repression of land defenders affects us all.